The introduction of group companies Introducting Iran System

Iran System with the aim of producing personal computer, design and implementation of information systems; also implantation of projects for mechanization and telecommunications was found in 1985. Its registration No is 57802. Innovation, customer oriented policy also speed, accuracy and ability to provide proper service and maintenance in the shortest possible time, are some of those factors which strengthen the bonds between customers and the company. This was the key point that the clients distinguished between our company with other competitors. Our R&D department with its hard and continuous efforts, achieves and fulfill some of the projects which up to that time, seems to be impossible or very difficult to reach, they meet the customers' changing needs, including perceived their future needs and even strive to go beyond and find the customer expectations. As well as efforts for continuous improvement, upraise and improve the quality and obey legal obligations, all those led the company to obtain the international quality management Standard certification ISO 9002. Working hard and gathering prominent leading experts in an intimate enterprise, along hiring more than 260 employees, locates the company in top ten ranking companies in the ICT industry in Iran.

Information Technology (Iran System)

Since in today's world, information technology is considered as the most important human achievements, the software department of company, in 2001 (as Iranian calendar 1380) modified to “Iran systems information technology Co.”. One of the main company's products is for city management such as construction Permit and license system for urban management, renovation fee and taxing system, trade system, income system, real estate, zoning system, electronic archive system. The other is Integrated Human Resource system for all other organizations.

Electronic Industries (Iran System)

Iran System Electronic Industries (ISEI) Company has been incorporated with the objective of production and assembling of electronic and telecommunication equipments in the year 2006 and at present is one of the pioneer companies in telecommunication and electronic industries. Innovation, customer orientation, quality, speed as well as providing appropriate after sale services are among those factors which make a firm connection between customers and the company.

Sabaidea Company

Saba idea is a company active in the field of internet technologies creates some of the most viewed (traffic) Iranian websites such as, Cloob, Aparat , Mihan blog, Lenzor and FILMO. Saba idea is owner of Advertising Agency named “Saba Vision” which in the field of Internet advertising and digital marketing services has a strong presence. This Group with approach of providing suitable platform for broadcasting and presenting, contents, text, idea, knowledge, thought, view and belief in internet and social networking, for Persian language audience and viewers all over the world. Mihanblog service developed for broadcasting and publication of textual content, Aparat site is appropriate to publish video content and Lenzor service is available for sharing photos and videos by the users. And recently our latest product which we present to market is filmo for Publishing movies, TV shows, Video and theaters.

Comkar system company

Due to expansion and growth in telecommunications sector ,Iran System decided to modify its telecommunication Department to an independent Company therefore in 1995 Comkar System Co was stablished as a registered company in order to supply equipment and services for telecommunication industry and Electrical power convertors . The company's technical staff is made up of 92 top specialist of Iran, and after twenty years becomes one of the well-known and powerful companies in telecommunications industry in Iran.

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